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Dyski 2,5"


2,5" HDD IDE, 122MB, CYL 1024, HDS 10, SECT 17 - MAXTOR 25128A.

2500 Series drives feature a Universal Translate Mode. In an AT-class system, the drive may be configured to any specified combination of cylinders, heads, and sectors (within the range of the drive's formatted capacity).
The Maxtor 2500 Series are designed expressly for today's battery- powered notebook and laptop computers.

Default Jumper :
*Master/Slave - Only drive in single drive system = Jumper J308 - CLOSED
*Reserved for factory - Normal operation = J307-OPEN ,J309-OPEN
*Idle Mode Latch - Option Disabled = J306-OPEN

Another Jumper Master/Slave:
- Master in dual drive system = Jumper J308 - CLOSED
- Slave in dual drive system= Jumper J308 - OPEN

J304 and J305 reserved for future use.

Ładny eksponat. Stan - sformatowany, z systemem i niezbędnymi plikami.

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